Are you ready for something different? A new experience of Healing, of Oneness, of Being You on this planet? Have you been waiting for the invitation to that possibility?

RICH Healing is an experience of oneness, opening to all of who you truly are. RICH Healing provides profound transformations in consciousness and physical form. When you experience RICH Healing, you open up to experiencing your true Oneness and letting go of all that is not you — the stories, the physical pain, the mental/emotional trauma and drama and the lies you’ve bought from this reality that you’re anything other than an Infinite Being!

RICH Healing offers tools to help you create change in anyone’s life! To clear the Thoughts and Emotions that are limiting your life, RICH Healing combines Energy Healing with conscious clearing techniques to help you experience more bliss, joy and to achieve the life you came to this planet to live. When we heal the thoughts and emotions that do not contribute to the expansion of your life, it heals the physical body. When we heal the physical body, it heals the thoughts and emotions. Its a Win-Win.

When you experience a RICH Healing, you may notice an increased level of bliss in your body, a feeling of connectedness with the entire Universe, a knowing that you are powerful and can create any change you desire in your life and a peaceful knowing that everything is going to be ok. What if this could be your normal state of being? That’s the possibility to which we would like to invite you.

Macaya and Vandana, Co-creators of RICH Healing, provide services and classes all over the world: One-on-one healing sessions in-person and via phone/Skype, RICH Healing classes and tele-classes on various subjects. To stay up to date on these healing events, sign up under Free MP3s on the right.