Being in the Fun and Excitement of Sex and Playfulness Free MP3 Download


Do you remember when Sex and Flirting was fun?

Are you having as much sex and fun playing with people as you would like? Would you like to clear out everything that’s holding you back from having Fun, Joy and Excitement with sex? Are you willing to receive a lover who is more phenomenal, exciting and nurturing than you ever imagined possible? Do you believe its possible? Have you been hurt too many times and think relationships aren’t worth the pain? Or all my new lovers will treat me the same as the old ones and that wasn’t any fun so why even try? Would you like to change that?

In this class we cleared blocks to sex, receiving sex and other people, flirting, having fun and joy with sex, being at peace with the other sex, cleared all trauma and drama related to sex, sexualness, sexual experiences, interactions with the other sex and your past and current relationships, being in a relationship and so much more. We will be sharing tools to have better sex, tools to attract lovers easily and tools to create relationships that work for you. We also did activations to create more sexualness and bliss in your body, open your energy centers to connect with other people in a way that is beyond anything you ever imagined possible, receiving sexual energy from the earth that you can then use in your attraction and sexual experiences and so much more!

You can download the class by filling out the form below =) Even if you weren’t on the call live, you will still receive all the benefits of this call by listening to it!

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