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Stepping Into Infinite Sexuality Telehealing Experience

Would you like to step in to a deeper level of being the infinite sexual being you truly are? Would you like to stop being ashamed of your sexualness and desire to be loved and to be played with? Would this create more fun in your life?

Are you tired of hiding your sexualness and being invisible on this planet? Would you like to make peace with the past so you can enjoy your future? Has it been far too long since you allowed your sweet body to receive the pleasure it deserves and longs for?

Was there a time you enjoyed having sex and being intimate and playful with others and then you got hurt or wound up hurting someone else? Is now the time to let that go so you can both get free?

If you said YES to any of these, COME PLAY and have your Infinite Sexual Nature SHINE through in every area of your life!!!

During this telehealing experience you will:

  • • Have your sexual centers open and activated
  • • Learn new energetic techniques to enhance your sexual experiences
  • • Clear out your shame, guilt and every where you have to hide sex patterns
  • • Reclaim your Sexual Power and be willing to connect with lovers again!
  • • And so much more!

During the second half of the MP3 you will experience a Healing Activation where we will Activate and Awaken Your Sexual Centers in your Body, Open the energetic pathways to create even better sexual experiences, Clear out sexual trauma from this life, all of your past lives and your ancestor’s lives and much more!!!

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This 90 minute telehealing experience is facilitated by Macaya and Vandana.

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