RICH Healing offers our certification classes all over the world on Creating Your Life Consciously and Healing the Body with Energy. Each class builds upon the other and expands the space in your life, the way you create your life from a conscious place and the healing tools you have available to create massive change in your lives and the lives of others.

We also offer two to four hour Body Healing Energy Classes all over the world where in that time you will be able to use a new healing energy from the RICH Healing Toolkit.

And we offer topic based tele-classes so you can continue or start changing your life from what ever place your in into something that is more, fun, phenomenal, rewarding and amazing than you ever imagined possible.

If you’d like to bring Macaya and / or Vandana to your area to teach a class, find out how by clicking here.

Upcoming RICH Healing Classes and Tele-classes

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